Youth Ministries

Riverside Church offers students in 6-12 grade  a variety of activities to participate in. Our youth are excited about mission, music and developing their faith.

Youth Group

A typical week here at Riverside is jam-packed with activities and events for students of all ages. On Wednesdays, you will find us up in the Youth Room, spending time ministering to both middle school and high school students. We eat together, fellowship together, and grow together in Christ.

Mission Opportunities

Do you feel called to reach out those in your community for Christ? Our students help out with our local Wardrobe Outreach (open Thurs & Sat) and Community Sunday Dinners. We also plan a trip every summer for our students to travel on a Mission Trip to serve those less fortunate than us. Contact Kirstie if you would like to get involved.

Sunday School

Sunday School is a cherished tradition of ours that began in the 1900’s. Families can drop off their kids in their classrooms at 9:30 am. Kids will join together in with their peers for a great Biblical learning experience.


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